Adding Accessible Showers to Make Your Home Comfier

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Accessible Showers

A barrier-free shower can be the perfect solution for you if you’re seeking a more accessible shower! Few things are as crucial as your bathroom when it comes to improving the comfort of your house. You begin and end your day here, after all. It’s time to update your bathroom arrangement if you’re not satisfied with it. Installing an accessible shower is one of the greatest methods to do this.

What is an Accessible Shower?

An accessible shower is one that is devoid of any obstructions or barriers. As a result, there is no barrier or lip to walk over to access the shower. This type of shower is also sometimes referred to as a “walk-in” or “roll-in” shower.

The Benefits of Accessible Showers

The installation of an accessible shower in your home has numerous advantages. These advantages consist of:


One of the main advantages of accessible showers is that they can contribute to greater bathroom security. There is less chance of tripping over lips or thresholds and falling and being hurt. Seniors or others with restricted mobility will particularly benefit from this.


Enhanced comfort is a significant advantage of modern showers, as well. When there are no thresholds to worry about, you can unwind and enjoy your shower without worrying about tripping or falling.


Accessible showers can make your bathroom look better overall in addition to being more comfortable and safe. These shower designs produce a sleek, contemporary appearance that will offer your bathroom a feeling of modernization.

Accessible Shower Installation with Bathformation

Bathformation can assist if you want to install an accessible shower in your house. We have years of experience redesigning bathrooms and can assist you in making your dream a reality. We also offer free pricing estimates to all of our clients if they’re still not convinced. Additionally, the excellent work that all clients receive is attested to by our gallery page and reviews.

Call us at 606-280-7472 right away to begin working on your new bathroom remodel!

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Sale Ends Soon 07-01-2024

$500 OFF

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